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About Our Firm

The law office of Mason & Helmers in St. Paul, Minnesota, provides clients with a wide range of inheritance litigation services. Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to developing creative and effective solutions to clients’ legal problems.

The firm’s attorneys write and present on probate and trust litigation issues for lawyers and the community. Topics have included “Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Estate Planning and Probate,” “How to Protect the Personal Representative in an Insolvent Estate,” “Probate Litigation,” and “Will Contests and Steps on How to Reduce the Likelihood of Their Occurrence.”

For more information about the education and backgrounds of our attorneys and paralegal, follow the links below to view their profiles.


Recognized Leaders

The attorneys of Mason & Helmers enjoy a reputation as leading authorities on estate litigation. Because of their extensive writing on the subject, they have a deep knowledge of the many details involved in estate law and can evaluate complex cases.

Their skill is recognized by their legal colleagues as well. Mason & Helmers receives many referrals from other law firms in the area of estate litigation, which they are proud to accept.

A Collaborative Approach

The attorneys of some law firms operate in an entirely independent manner, but Mason & Helmers prefers a collaborative approach. The firm’s attorneys frequently consult with one another, sharing knowledge and offering different perspectives on each other’s cases. This improves the overall quality of service and strategy, while still retaining the personal touch that each attorney brings to their individual clients.

Experienced Estate Litigators Can Help

If you have questions involving inheritance or other estate matters, please do not hesitate to contact us. The firm can be reached through this online form, or else by phone at 651-323-2548 or 651-323-2548 (toll free).

Mason & Helmers serves clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul and beyond.