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Minnesota Lawyers Helping Resolve Probate Conflicts

Probate disputes occur more often than one might think. The death of a parent or other relative often leads to the expression and acting out of strong and deep-seated emotions and sometimes resentments. Despite a testator’s best intentions, conflicts over a will can lead to litigation, which costs money, takes time and often leaves all involved feeling bruised and cheated, overlooked or unloved. An experienced probate litigation lawyer can help minimize the ongoing consequences of disputes over a will or other estate-related issues.

Experienced Probate Litigation Attorneys

At the St. Paul, Minnesota, law firm of Mason & Helmers, we help people reduce the likelihood of probate litigation. The firm’s attorneys are advocates when litigation becomes unavoidable. With many years of experience, we excel at developing creative solutions, advocating forcefully in court and advising clients about the possible outcomes of a lawsuit. Our attorneys write articles and present to other lawyers on probate and trust disputes, as well as the emotional and psychological aspects of inheritance disputes.

The firm handles probate disputes such as these:

  • Will contests that include disputes over the meaning of a will or whether it was executed under undue influence or while the person making the will lacked capacity to do so
  • Fiduciary removal proceedings arising from sales of real estate, charges of mismanagement of financial assets such as stock accounts or allegations of failure to properly operate a family business
  • Claims of creditors, including claims that are made after statutes of limitations expire

The firm vigorously advocates for clients’ interests in court or at the negotiating table in these matters. The firm’s lawyers encourage clients to engage in a cost-benefit analysis of litigation. We always remember that it is the client’s decision whether to proceed on a given matter. Many times, decisions are made by clients on other grounds. Heirs may not be ready to decide these issues on a dollars-and-cents basis. The firm’s lawyers regularly remind them to consider the economic and financial implications, the litigation risks, and other risks before setting out on a given course.

Probate Litigation has Non-Financial Costs

The attorneys also advise clients about the nonfinancial costs of litigation. Probate disputes can leave families divided and inflict wounds that take decades or generations to heal. The firm asks clients to consider both the financial and the emotional costs of probate litigation before proceeding. The emotional issues can involve inheritance rights, but frequently involve family issues that go back decades. Once clients decide to move forward, we will vigorously represent their interests.

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To learn more about probate litigation, contact Mason & Helmers. The firm’s attorneys serve clients in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and beyond. Call 651-323-2548 or 877-389-5533 (toll free) to set up an appointment.