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Minnesota Lawyers Working To Prevent The Financial Exploitation Of Vulnerable Adults

Disabled, elderly or otherwise incapacitated adults are often well cared for by family members and friends. However, situations can arise in which an individual is at risk and exploited by someone who takes financial advantage of his or her condition. If you believe that a family member or friend is being financially exploited, take immediate action to protect them.

At Mason & Helmers, clients can explain their situation to our experienced probate and estate litigation attorneys. We handle cases of financially exploited vulnerable adults for clients in Minneapolis and St. Paul, throughout the Twin Cities.

Our firm understands the needs of families that discover a loved one is being financially exploited. This is an emotional time that can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. We assess the situation and determine how to act in a timely manner to protect everyone involved.

Financial Exploitation

Many financial exploitation cases involve an elderly person’s finances. Someone has manipulated the person into signing over significant amounts of cash or property, or the assets of the older person have been stolen outright. Often because of the position of trust, misrepresentation or a weakened mental condition, vulnerable adults do not understand the risk or believe in good faith the lies they have been told, and they suffer large financial losses. The exploiter may be a family member, neighbor or caregiver.

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We understand the sensitive nature of these situations, often involving close family members, adult children or trusted friends. For more information on how we can help you prevent the financial exploitation of vulnerable adults, contact Mason & Helmers in St. Paul, Minnesota. Call 651-323-2548 or 651-323-2548 (toll free) to set up an appointment.