A St. Paul, Minnesota, Litigation Firm

The law office of Mason & Helmers is located in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, and focuses on inheritance disputes. The firm represents individuals, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and businesses. The attorneys at Mason & Helmers represent clients from all over the the seven county Twin Cities area and greater Minnesota in inheritance dispute cases. The firm’s practice focuses on litigation that involves rights

of inheritance, particularly disputes related to wills, trusts, estates, guardianships and conservatorships, and the probate process. In addition, the firm undertakes disputes arising from contested estates and business succession plans for family-owned and other closely held businesses. The firm recognizes that the court’s primary concern in these inheritance disputes is determining whether the decedent’s wishes are honored.

Experienced — Professional —Trusted

The attorneys at Mason & Helmers offer assistance to clients at every stage of contested or disputed probate and trust administration processes. Their litigation work ranges from guiding executors, personal representatives, and trustees through complex probate and trust processes to appearing in court to resolve disputes over hotly contested estates. In addition, they represent parties in contested guardianships and conservatorships and work to protect vulnerable adults from financial exploitation. Whether you need an attorney to deal with a fiduciary or to litigate a will contest, the firm of Mason & Helmers can advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your position, and the legal issues involved.

One Of Minnesota’s Leading Estate & Trust Law Firms

The legal team at Mason & Helmers utilizes a collaborative approach to serving clients. They are committed to providing the level of experience that your important matters require.

The attorneys at Mason & Helmers abide by the highest standards of professionalism and are known for their direct and open communication with clients. They are dedicated to furthering the individual needs and desires of clients with experienced, thoughtful, and creative representation. The St. Paul law firm’s lawyers take the time to build personal relationships based on trust. As well-respected members of the legal community, the attorneys write extensively in legal journals and teach other lawyers about inheritance disputes.

A Modern Approach To Trial Law

Mason & Helmers makes substantial investments in technology, which enables it to handle your documents, information and communications in a readily accessible fashion that is secure, cost-efficient and highly responsive.

Trusted By Referring Attorneys

The firm is pleased to represent other attorneys’ clients in estate and trust litigation, and receives many referrals from other lawyers seeking assistance with simple and complex probate, trust and estate litigation. Referring attorneys can be confident that the firm will provide their clients with outstanding legal service for their specific legal needs.