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Twin Cities Attorneys Handling Guardianships And Conservatorships

Guardianships and conservatorships are used to protect people and their finances if they suffer from a legal incapacity such as Alzheimer’s, dementia or the effects of a severe accident involving a brain injury. These legal designations give another party the authority to make medical, financial and other decisions the ward is deem incapable of making. A guardianship may also be used to protect the interests of a minor.

If you need assistance with a guardianship or conservatorship, contact the office of Mason & Helmers in St. Paul. Our attorneys provide representation to clients throughout the entire Twin Cities metro area, using their wealth of experience to advise clients when establishing a guardianship or conservatorship.


A guardianship allows a party to have custody over another in a manner similar to that of a parent over a child. A guardian provides for the ward’s care, comfort and maintenance needs, including food, clothing, shelter, health care, social and recreational requirements, and, whenever appropriate, training, education, and habilitation or rehabilitation. The powers and duties of the guardian are only those necessary to care for the ward, and the court will lay out the specific powers in each case.


A conservator is granted power over the estate to handle the financial interests of the protected person. A conservator pays for the care, education and housing out of the estate and is responsible for investing assets in accordance with the prudent investor rule. Should the need arise to sell any real property of the estate, the conservator, with court supervision, may initiate and complete the transaction.

The actions of a guardian or conservator are far-reaching and the appointment requires a court hearing and a background check. Guardians and conservators are also subject to court supervision in the carrying out of all of their duties. We have experience handling the appointment of guardians and conservators and we can explain the process and whether someone may be eligible to serve as a guardian or conservator.

In some cases, a family member will approach us, requesting our help with appointment as a guardian or conservator for a parent or other family member. In other situations, we may assist with having a professional fiduciary appointed as conservator. These are sensitive issues and our firm is dedicated to doing all we can to help families find the best solutions possible for their situations.

Guardianships and conservatorships can also be appropriate in situations where the exploitation of a vulnerable adult is suspected.

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