Conservatorship for Zsa Zsa Gabor?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2012 | Heirs & Beneficiaries |

Many readers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area may remember Zsa Zsa Gabor from film and television roles in an acting career that spanned more than four decades. Aside from her TV and big-screen appearances, Gabor also received a load of attention a number of years ago after infamously slapping a police officer. Unfortunately for the 95-year-old screen icon, the headlines today focus on her daughter’s petition for the appointment of a conservator over the ailing star’s finances.

The petition for conservatorship represents only the most recent dispute between the daughter and the actress’ husband of 25 years. Each party has accused the other of financial transgressions in the past, and the current litigation conjures up the same themes.

The daughter claims that a conservator is necessary due to the husband’s misuse of funds and failure to share information. For his part, the husband blames the estate’s looming financial difficulties on the high costs of medical care and the depreciated value of the actress’ home.

The daughter’s petition requests that she be granted authority to manage her mother’s finances and medical care, but as the case heads to mediation, the daughter has indicated a willingness to consider an independent conservator. The husband insists that he has succeeded in providing the best care possible under the circumstances, and that he should be his wife’s conservator if the court deems a conservatorship necessary.

As complex family situations become increasingly common in American society, family disputes over the care of a loved one are increasing in stride. Minnesotans dealing with similar disagreements over the well-being of a family member will want to have a solid understanding of the legal options for ensuring that a loved one’s wishes are respected and that estate assets are managed properly.

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