Family members of Mickey Rooney plan will contest

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Many Minnesota are saddened by the recent death of longtime Hollywood celebrity Mickey Rooney. However, they may be interested to know that, even though he reportedly has an estate of only $18,000, his children have indicated that they plan to challenge his most recent will.

Rooney made out his most recent will only one month before he died. His children are seeking to have lawyers review this will, and his former wife has stated that he was not in a fit state of mind to make a valid will so close to his death. Rooney’s recent will left his modest estate to his stepson, with whom he had a relationship over the last few years.

It might seem to some that $18,000 is simply not enough money over which to initiate a potentially expensive will contest. Nonetheless, Minnesota readers should remember that Rooney’s estate could still receive royalties and other benefits for years to come an account of the actor’s prolific career.

For those who are making a will at an old age or when they know themselves to be close to death, it is advisable to take all necessary steps to document that he or she is of sound mind to make a will and that the will reflects his or her personal choices. Will contests can prove more likely when one’s mental abilities are in doubt, or even when they are simply elderly and are under the care of some of their friends and relatives who may also be beneficiaries under a will.

Still, even in the best of circumstances, will contests are possible after the death of any loved one. Sometimes, the best thing concerned family members can do is hire an experienced probate attorney to represent their needs.

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