UPDATE: Family members of Mickey Rooney plan to contest will

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In an update to last week’s post that many of our Minnesota readers may have noticed, it seems that while the family of Mickey Rooney may still plan to dispute the late actor’s will, it seems that they have agreed on his final place of rest.

Oftentimes during a contentious will contest, family members may struggle even to agree on where to bury the remains. A final resting place can be a very touchy subject for emotional reasons as well as practical reasons like the distance between a loved one’s home and a particular cemetery.

As was reported, Rooney elected not to leave his estranged wife or his children an inheritance, reportedly because he did not have much money to his name and wanted to give what he did have to his stepson, who also had acted as one of his caregivers during his old age.

Initially, Rooney’s wife challenged the decision to bury the actor at a famous Hollywood cemetery because she wanted to use a burial space that had been purchased several years ago. Reportedly, Rooney’s wife has relinquished her request and will allow the funeral to go forward at the Hollywood Forever cemetery, where Rooney will be laid to rest with several other notable actors. As part of the agreement, one of Rooney’s children will not attend the funeral. The funeral will be a private service.

This case illustrates that sometimes a person may need an experienced probate litigation attorney even before a will gets filed or admitted to probate. While there might not be much at stake financially, people are willing to fight vigorously for the right to dispose of the remains of a loved one as they see fit. These sorts of disputes can require early and quick legal action.

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