Where to turn when probate litigation ensues

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2014 | Probate Litigation |

Minnesota readers of this blog know that many of its posts caution that no matter what a person tries to do in his or her lifetime, there is always the possibility of probate litigation following his or her death. Despite having what seems like an airtight estate plan, there is just no predicting how people will respond to the death and the fallout from it.

Of course, Minnesotans could be looking at the possibility of probate litigation for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, a personal representative will need to defend his or her decisions and show how he or she was only trying to carry out the terms of a will or trust. At other times, an heir may have to fight for his or her legitimate inheritance in order to prevent it from being effectively stolen by a deceitful or underhanded person. Oftentimes, legal interests in family farms and businesses can also be dragged in to a probate battle.

In such cases, it may be vital for a person to hire an attorney with a great deal of knowledge and experience with probate litigation. Any type of litigation can prove difficult since it necessarily involves working with different laws and court procedures, some of which might not seem so obvious. What’s more, a probate dispute often entails an attorney having to review and understand complicated financial records and transactions.

The law firm of Rodney J. Mason LTD has several attorneys devoted to the practice of probate litigation of all different types. No matter what a person’s legal issue is, if it involves probate or the possibility of probate litigation in Minnesota, the chances are that we can help.