Navigating a trust dispute in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2014 | Estate Valuation |

When a trust is established, it is devised to benefit the loved one for which it was set up. Although no issues were apparent at the time the legal document was created, trust disputes could arise. Our firm understands that beneficiaries and trustees in Minnesota may encounter issues regarding a trust. In some cases, disputes develop when the value of the trust is in question. In order to properly address these issues, individuals should determine what information they seek and what their overall goals are when initiating trust litigation.

When disputes evolve from the creation of a trust, they are rather similar to probate disputes, at least in the sense that they both involve questions about inheritances. In some situations, both types of disputes could involve issues such as undue influence, lack of capacity and other grounds for challenging the validity of the legal document. While courts often settle disputes regarding probate, when a trust is challenged, court supervision is not always required. While this is true, these matters can be very complex and require attention to detail.

These disputes may arise when specific information is not given to or understood by the beneficiary. Whether a beneficiary is entitled to the information that he or she is lacking often determines the legal route that the beneficiary will take. The attorneys at our law office can help guide beneficiaries through the litigation process, help them determine their overall goals, establish the basis for their disputes and help them weigh the costs and benefits of making a claim or litigating the dispute arising from the trust.

A major reason that disputes occur regarding a trust is the value of the estate. If a trustee has done something to cause depreciation or has otherwise adversely affected the value of the estate or trust, a beneficiary will seek to understand how this occurred. Disputes surrounding estate valuation could relate to fiduciary issues. These issues could be very complex to deal with and our firm’s trust dispute overview could help a beneficiary better navigate his or her claim. Furthermore, it will ensure that a beneficiary has a full picture of the situation and will help him or her understand him or her rights and options in the process.