We have experience in interpreting complicated trust documents

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2014 | Probate Litigation |

As last week’s post on this blog reported, sometimes probate disputes are not so much about the value of an estate as they are about how to interpret the estate’s governing documents, like the will or the trust instrument. Thus, Minnesota families may find themselves embroiled in a probate dispute simply because no one can entirely figure out what a will or a trust really is trying to say.

When there is a difference in opinion over what such an important document means, the stakes can be high, sometimes meaning the difference between an individual receiving millions of dollars or hardly any inheritance at all.

While some people might wonder what on earth can be so complicated about interpreting a will or trust, valuable estates or complicated family situations often require complex language when preparing estate documents. Sometimes the complex language can lead to confusion and the possibility of multiple interpretations. Add into the mix the fact that emotions are often running high after the death of a loved one, and one can easily find himself or herself in a situation in which two people believe that the same sentence or phrase in a will means two contradictory things.

It is in these situations that the law offices of Rodney J Mason, LTD can provide valuable assistance to either a personal representative or a family member who is trying to secure his or her rightful inheritance. Our office has considerable experience in interpreting complicated wills and trust documents and using cutting edge legal research to advocate our client’s position on what these documents mean.

When taking on a new case, our attorneys will do everything they can to understand the context of the dispute and to gather as much information as possible. While, of course, there are no guarantees, our attorneys will work hard to successfully advocate for our clients’ positions.