We can help get Minnesota probate litigation accomplished

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2014 | Probate Litigation |

As last week’s post reported, probate litigation in Minnesota can be relatively easy to initiate. However, the probate litigation experience is very stressful, time-consuming and costly to see to its ultimate conclusion.

Fortunately, the law offices of Rodney J. Mason, LTD, knows from its extensive experience handling Minnesota cases that no one really wants to get involved in a probate dispute. When these sorts of lawsuits are inevitable, then a family usually wants to get the matter resolved with as little cost as possible. After all, the longer parties litigate over an inheritance, the more of that inheritance will go to cover legal expenses. In the worst case scenario, probate litigation can end with their being no inheritance left to divide.

The attorneys at our law firm know that in many cases, probate litigation really begins in the midst of serious psychological or emotional stress. We can help people sort through these issues while remaining sensitive to them. Oftentimes, litigation can end more quickly when people are able to set aside emotions to do what is in their legal best interest.

Moreover, our experience and skills with respect to Minnesota probate litigation allow us the opportunity to be creative and extensive when we give advice. Because we can evaluate the merits of a person’s case, we can often try to prevent ill-advised probate litigation before it starts. When probate litigation does seem like the best option, we will prepare diligently for trial, but also work on reaching an early settlement, so as to protect more of your rightful inheritance.

No one wants to get involved in probate litigation, especially if it means that the entire estate will be eaten up by legal fees. Our office has the experience to help prevent this from happening while standing up for our clients’ rights.