Our office can help you outsmart a crook

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2015 | Inheritances |

Last week’s post discussed how a Minnesotan who has been wrongfully cut out of a will can challenge the document even if the will seems on the face to be legally and properly signed. While the post mentioned legal ways by which a person can challenge a will, the post also correctly implied that will contests of this nature can be very difficult to prove.

Unfortunately, and as many residents of Saint Paul probably know already, crooks who would take advantage of an elderly person of means are oftentimes clever and would not make the obvious mistake of getting a will improperly signed. Forgeries are also only one of many different ways a dishonest person can use in order to steal an heir’s rightful inheritance. In particular, actions like fraud, duress and undue influence usually occur in secret, outside the watchful eyes of a person’s true friends and loving family members.

While this can make for a frustrating situation for a beloved who knows that an injustice has occurred, help is available. The law office of Rodney J Mason LTD has handled many probate litigation cases involving undue influence and other “hidden” actions that an unscrupulous person had tried to employ in order to get a larger share of an estate. We know what to look for and investigate your case thoroughly, seeking additional information as necessary.

Furthermore, although no one wants a probate case to drag out for a long time, should a trial be necessary, we are always prepared to tell our clients’ stories and advocate for the best possible result for our client. If you suspect that a loved one has fallen prey to a crook and has changed his or her will as a result, you might find the information on our website helpful.