Mediating a will contest? We can help

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2015 | Inheritances |

The last several posts on this blog have discussed how mediation might be right for some families who are going through a will contest or other probate litigation. Indeed, for the right cases, mediation can save a Minnesota family a lot of time, money and stress.

While Saint Paul families may think that mediation is a process best handled without lawyers, this is not the case. Mediations can involve complicated legal questions and the exchange of important legal rights. Moreover, mediations that are successful often end in the signing of a binding legal document that can be quite detailed.

Mediation is not the best way to solve every probate case. Before agreeing to a mediation, a party needs to be well aware of the person’s legal options and whether or not mediation is simply too risky or even a waste of time and money. Our Saint Paul, Minnesota, attorneys can help a party evaluate whether mediation is the right route for families.

Moreover, when mediation is agreed to or has been ordered by a court, our attorneys can also help clients by representing their interests in mediation. Even though mediation is meant to be a process where people come to agreements, sometimes it is still important to advocate one’s position clearly and convincingly. Furthermore, an attorney can be at the mediation to be able to explain legal rights and obligations and make sure that no one gets taken advantage of.

While mediation is designed to be a quicker and easier way to solve a probate dispute, sometimes having an attorney involved is still very helpful, if not essential.