We can help handle disputes over charitable bequests

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2016 | Probate Litigation |

A recent post on this blog discussed how a Minnesota resident’s desire to leave money to a charity in his or her will or trust documents can backfire and lead to probate litigation. For example, sometimes the other heirs feel that the charity is granted too large of a share of the estate. At other times, a charity itself will sue an estate if it does not get what it feels it deserves under the terms of the will or trust. While this might seem greedy, in fact charities often count on such bequests in order to keep their operations running.

As the recent post described, there are lots of ways that estate planning or estate administration can be faulty and lead to a dispute between a family and a charity or even between two competing charities. Oftentimes, this sort of dispute involves detailed and complicated facts that may even include two completely conflicting versions of events.

Moreover, the law of wills, estates and trusts, as well as the law of charitable gifts and bequests, can be nuanced and hard to understand. Furthermore, probate procedures and rules are also complex. In short, a Saint Paul, Minnesota resident, as capable as he or she may be in other matters, may be better off trusting a probate legal matter involving a charity to professionals with the experience necessary to get litigation resolved as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

Our law office has the experience and professionalism needed to help our Minnesota probate litigation clients achieve their goals, just as we have done so many times in the past. If you need more information about probate litigation in Minnesota, please consult our website.