We help clients value small businesses correctly

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2016 | Estate Valuation |

As a recent post on this blog discussed, sometimes, the correct estate valuation of a Minnesota estate hinges upon how much a private business, family-held or otherwise, is worth. This can be difficult to determine because, unlike publicly traded companies, there is no open market that reflects a buying and selling price for a share of stock in that business.

Nevertheless, the true value of an estate is often a point of contention during probate litigation, and even be the whole issue that ignited the legal battle in the first place. Therefore, while a difficult chore, it may be necessary to make an educated guess on the value of a small or other private business.

In such situations, an experienced Minnesota probate litigation attorney can be of valuable assistance. In that respect, our law office’s dedicated professionals have handled many probate litigation cases and therefore have a good idea of how to estimate a business’s true value.

Perhaps, more importantly, they know where to get additional information from the right experts. These experts know who are trained, both to value a business accurately and make sure that their stands up to the scrutiny of a court, a mediator or even the other side’s attorney.

In the past, we have helped other clients resolve their probate matters successfully, oftentimes because we assist them with putting a convincing estimate of a business’s value. If a Minnesota resident is handling probate litigation that involves business valuation, depending on the facts, we may be able to help.