Helping Minnesota families navigate without a will

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2016 | Inheritances |

As this blog has mentioned in recent posts, when a Minnesota resident dies without a will, it can cause a great deal of additional, and oftentimes unnecessary, conflict. In these instances, families in Saint Paul are more likely to find themselves fighting over even little details like pet care and funeral arrangements, not to mention the amount of person’s inheritances.

This conflict often emerges simply because family members do not have adequate guidance and have to forge their own path, upon which not everyone may agree. Moreover, emotions often run particularly high when a person dies without a will.

Nevertheless, even if a family finds itself in conflict because there is no will, help is available for Minnesota families. Our law office has extensive experience evaluating and resolving probate disputes, including disagreements over estates in which no will or trust was ever located. Although such cases present special challenges, these obstacles are not impossible to overcome.

For example, our office will use what investigative tools it has at its disposal to determine, insofar as possible, what a person who died without a will would have wanted. We are also well versed in Minnesota probate law and will work to apply it to the facts of our clients’ cases.

Oftentimes, it makes financial and emotional sense to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement in such cases in order to prevent all of an estate’s assets being swallowed up by the expense of litigation. However, our office has successfully managed many estate litigation cases in the past and are fully prepared to do so if that is our client’s wish.