We’re on top of the new Minnesota trust laws

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2016 | Trust Administration |

A recent post on this blog discussed Minnesota’s new trust laws that have been in effect for about a year now. While many of these laws are somewhat technical in nature, others will impact the way Minnesota trusts are administered and litigated, in very basic and broadly reaching ways.

Our law office has years of experience helping Saint Paul, Minnesota clients with contentious trust issues, whether they are trustees who are trying to defend their actions as lawful and appropriate or family members and friends who feel a trust has not been administered correctly or that believe some other injustice has occurred.

Of course, we consider it part of our job, on behalf of all of our clients, to learn about and analyze new state laws that have potential impact on Minnesota trusts. When doing so, we have a mind to figure out how to best use these laws to help our clients achieve their goals.

For example, this blog has frequently reminded readers that this law office helps clients settle cases quickly and efficiently when doing so is consistent with the client’s express wishes and possible. Under the new law, our office will have more opportunities to settle trust disputes without having to get a court involved by negotiating a non-judicial settlement agreement. A proper non-judicial settlement agreement can head off a dispute before it blows up in to time-consuming and costly litigation.

The new trust code in Minnesota promises to benefit residents who find themselves in the midst of a trust dispute. Our office will work to make sure our clients get the fruit of these benefits as much as the facts and applicable laws allow.