We fight exploitation of the elderly

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Trust Administration |

Although no one wants to think it happens, many elderly people in Minnesota, even in the Saint Paul area, are exploited by people in their lives who want to take their money. Sometimes, the perpetrator can be a stranger or a newcomer in to the elderly person’s life. At other times, the perpetrator is a trusted loved one, even a family member.

In any case, when other family members discover that a parent, grandparent or other close relative has been exploited, it can be a devastating time, and the family may not no where to turn. After all, in many cases, the perpetrator has made off with an elderly person’s entire savings, often by what seem to be perfectly legal means. In extreme cases, the victim may be suffering from physical abuse or outright threats, as if they were going through a slow robbery.

Our law office has served as a valuable resource to family members who come to us concerned about the exploitation of one of their loved ones. First and foremost, we understand that the time immediately following the discovery of exploitation is emotional and stressful. We treat our clients with the respect and sensitivity that they need as we help them determine the facts, evaluate their legal options, and chart an appropriate course of action.

If there could be any “great” reason to initiate dispute over a will, trust or conservatorship, it may well be to protect an elderly loved one from being effectively robbed by someone they trust. If you suspect a family member may be a victim of exploitation, legal assistance is available even Minnesota’s state agencies cannot be of assistance.