Minnesota firm helping handle with trust disputes

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2017 | Trust Administration |

The estate planning process is not unknown to many residents in Minnesota. In fact, several residents have taken the time to draft numerous vital documents for an estate plan. While these documents serve vital roles if an individual becomes incapacitated or dies, if they are not properly drafted, they could result in disputes. Individuals should understand all aspects of this area of the law, including the trust administration process, so they can determine ways to avoid probate and potential litigation, and ease the process for their heirs to claim an inheritance.

While trusts, like other estate planning documents, are drafted to serve a very important purpose after the death of an individual, issues could arise with these documents. At Rodney J. Mason, LTD, our legal team has experience with these trust disputes and are devoted to helping their clients avoid disputes revolving around trusts.

It is often the case that a trust dispute will arise when a beneficiary believes that he or she is not getting the information that they are seeking.Whether they are entitled to this information or not, it is likely that this matter will evolve into trust litigation. Our skilled attorneys have dealt with countless issues involving trust litigation, and they have helped past clients successfully navigate these problems.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s trust administration website. When it comes to drafting a trust or initiating the administration of a trust belonging to a family member, it is important to be well informed. There can often be financial and emotional costs during a trust dispute, so it is best to timely address these issues before one is left with an undesirable outcome.