Estate of Bobby Vee in dispute

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Minnesota is home to many interesting celebrities and is known for its great musical talent. One of those musical talents, Bobby Vee, died this past October. It was recently learned that his children are now battling over his estate. Trust administration is important in making sure an estate is handled as the owner intends, which is why it is at the heart of this case.

Bobby Vee, a star of the 1960s, had 38 top 100 hits. He was adored by millions of fans and amassed a great fortune. Since he died this past October, his family has been squabbling over his estate. Two of his four children are claiming that his other two children are using money from the estate for personal benefit. Robby and Jennifer Velline are asking for an accounting of their dad’s estate and for a copy of the contract for the play, “Teen Idol: The Bobby Vee Story,” which was showing at the History Theater this past October. Robby and Jennifer also believe their other two siblings have taken personal items that belong to the estate, including guitars, records, books, and autographed items. They also want the other two siblings to be removed as trustees of the trust.

When a family member passes away, there are often heirs left behind that don’t always agree with how the estate is handled. There are many trust disputes that can occur and cause a family unexpected pain and heartbreak. These events happen every day across Minnesota and the United States. A legal professional skilled in estate administration can help a family make sure they have a plan that will continue their legacy after they pass away in a way that will prevent legal disputes. It is important for those who are creating their estate plan to have the peace of mind that their wishes will be followed upon their death, which oftentimes means that they need to ensure the legal soundness of their plan.

There are many ways that a person’s estate can run into problems upon their death. An estate attorney specializes in making sure their client’s estate is well-represented and that the family receives appropriate representation in their trust dispute. With that in mind, those who are considering creating or modifying their estate plan should consider contacting an estate attorney of their choosing.

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