Is your family involved in a trust dispute?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2017 | Trust Administration |

A family trust is put in place to protect a family’s assets and pass along these resources to future generations. But, occasionally these trusts run into family disputes in Minnesota. Trust disputes can be stressful for families and can lead to families suffering long-term consequences.

A trust dispute usually involves questions about a person’s inheritance. A person may feel like the trust was the result of undue influence or may have had a lack of capacity. Or there may be a dispute among the beneficiaries such as whether a second wife and second family take precedence over the family from a first marriage. Or do children take preference over grandchildren? Are children who are in a family business being treated differently from those who are not? All of these are valid questions that can result in heated family disputes.

If your family is facing any of these legal challenges, our law firm can help. We have experience helping families who are engaged in trust disputes and can walk our clients through trust litigation. We have decades of experience helping our clients through informal discussions, mediation, arbitration and court. We understand that a beneficiary may not be receiving information that they are entitled to and we can help with a person’s rights of inheritance.

Disputes arising from contested estates can happen in Minnesota. When a family finds themselves in this situation, our law firm can help resolve these conflicts. We work to help our clients through these emotionally charged situations and achieve optimal results in court. We are advocates for our clients through this trying time and offer creative solutions for disputes.