Helping clients work through undue influence issues

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2018 | Probate Litigation |

When someone dies, occasionally, there is a disagreement over what a person left behind. Even the most well-planned estate can run into problems if someone believes there was undue influence.

Undue influence claims are difficult and complicated. When someone brings up an undue influence claim, it is after a loved one has died, and the family is left to not only mourn the death but to figure out how their assets will be distributed. Many times, a loved one has a will in place but someone believes there was undue influence when the will was created. When this is the case, probate litigation can result.

Our law firm is experienced in helping families work through their disagreements. Disagreements regarding undue influence can have consequences far outside the courtroom, including families being pulled apart. We understand the complications of undue influence and can take an objective look at the situation. We can investigate who or what may have caused the undue influence and provide our opinion as to what legal options a family may have. Undue influence is a serious accusation, and a family needs an attorney who has the experience necessary to work through the issues. We have extensive knowledge in probate litigation and will vigorously represent our client and their interests. We work to resolve disputes using mediation and, if necessary, representing our clients in court.

Our law firm works at developing creative solutions for estate problems. Inheritance disputes are often emotionally complex issues. We want our clients to know that we will work to protect their interests by using our experience and expertise.