James Brown’s estate remains unsettled

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2018 | Probate Litigation |

Some Minnesota families understand the turmoil that an estate in limbo can bring to a family. When a loved one dies, a family is often caught up in grief which is understandable. But, when a loved one’s estate is being contested, it can be a major disruption.

The estate of James Brown, who died 11 years ago, is still not settled. There have been more than a dozen lawsuits filed regarding the estate, including one filed by nine of his children and grandchildren against his widow saying that she made illegal agreements regarding his copyrights on songs he wrote. There have also been several lawsuits contesting the will and lawsuits regarding who should be trustee on the estate and a lawsuit filed by James Brown II requesting he be named a son and heir. Mr. Brown has several children and grandchildren and millions of dollars that are at stake with no end in sight.

No one wants their estate to wind up in a mess of probate litigation. But, for some families, this becomes a reality. If an estate is headed for a dispute, a family may want to speak with a legal professional who specializes in probate litigation. An attorney understands the complications and intricacies of a probate dispute. They know that these disputes are highly emotional and can tear families apart for decades to come. Having an attorney who specializes in these situations can help a family work through their differences using mediation and other negotiation techniques.

Settling an estate can be a complicated matter. When families are stuck in these situations, having a trusted legal advisor can be valuable.

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