Money missing from an estate may be a common occurrence

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Probate Litigation |

Many Minnesota residents work hard to earn their money and leave a legacy for generations to come. Most of the time, this money is passed to the next generation without incident. But, occasionally, money goes missing, leaving families wondering what happened.

No matter the amount of careful planning that goes into preserving a family’s estate, occasionally, something goes wrong. There can be issues with those who are entrusted with protecting the assets. Those who are given the authority to manage an estate’s assets can take advantage of their clients. There can be situations where advisors and insurance employees overcharge their clients. Or, assets can be unaccounted for and go missing.

Families who are going through a situation where an estate doesn’t appear to be right may want to speak with a legal professional who specializes in probate disputes. An attorney has the experience to help the family sort out what has happened. They can hire forensic accountants to track the estate’s money. They can find out if service providers overcharged their clients or if there were siblings taking large commissions to manage the affairs. Or, maybe there was just faulty record keeping that resulted in assets going missing. Regardless of what happened to the estate, these occurrences can easily result in an emotional family dispute. An attorney wants to help their client get to the bottom of these disputes before it is too late.

Unfortunately, a probate dispute is common for many Minnesota families. Despite careful planning, issues can arise during probate. Having an attorney who has experience with these complex issues can help a family work through this difficult time.

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