Stan Lee’s elder abuse trauma

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Probate Litigation |

Elder abuse is a serious issue in Minnesota and across the United States. Undue influence in estates is a subject that many families have had to face. When an elderly loved one and their estate is taken advantage of and manipulated it can be a devastating situation.

Stan Lee, the former head of Marvel Comics and creator of several popular comics including Spider-Man and the Hulk, has been in the news lately because of alleged financial elder abuse. The 95-year-old who lives in Los Angeles has been embroiled in financial turmoil and elder abuse allegations ever since his wife died last year. His friends and colleagues say that he has been surrounded by people with unclear intentions and a court has placed him under temporary guardianship of an attorney. A man who claims to be Mr. Lee’s manager and caretaker has been arrested and a restraining order has been placed against him. In addition to his manager, his daughter is also trying to gain access to Mr. Lee’s assets.

A family can feel like their life has been violated when a loved one is a victim of financial abuse and it is important for families to understand the signs of elder financial abuse. If a family member believes their loved one is a victim of undue influence they may want to speak with an attorney who specializes in probate litigation. An attorney can investigate the situation and help the family understand what is going on. They can help make sure the loved one is safe and that their assets are protected.