Inheritance issues that cause family problems

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Inheritances |

Many Minnesota residents will be fortunate enough to receive an inheritance. Inheritances are gifts from family members after they pass away. Unfortunately, these gifts sometimes become a source of contention.

Occasionally, problems can arise among the heirs. One issue can be that those who receive the money spend it carelessly. The heirs can receive the money, and then spend it on big purchases, like new homes, fancy cars, boats, etc. The person who gave the money to their heirs usually does not want the beneficiaries to spend the money recklessly.

Another issue that often comes up with inheritances is that siblings may fight over how much they receive. If survivors do not receive the inheritance they are expecting, it can lead to resentment among everyone. One sibling may feel like they should receive a larger inheritance because they took care of an aging parent or there can be multiple marriage situations in which adult children and the newest spouse argue over the money. Finally, another problem that may arise is if family members believe there has been undue influence and too much money has been given to one person.

There are many ways in which an inheritance can lead to family problems. If a family is in this situation, they may want to speak with an attorney who specializes in estate disputes. An attorney can help the family work through their differences during this emotional time. They have the experience necessary to lead a family through this turbulent time and make sure everyone’s thoughts are heard and expressed.

There can be inheritance issues that arise in any family. Working through these issues can help ensure a family’s relationship is salvaged.