3 signs your parent is a victim of undue influence

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If you have an aging parent, you may have questions and concerns about what will happen to his or her estate. You may especially have worries if you suspect someone is manipulating your parent. The person you think may be exploiting your parent may be a romantic interest, family member or friend.

Someone your parent loves and trusts may use that power to unfairly influence the estate plan. If you think your mom or dad is the victim of pressure or persuasion to do something that is not in his or her best interests, you may need to take legal action. To help you determine whether there is something fishy going on, here are some warning signs of undue influence.

1. Withdrawing from loved ones

Does your parent frequently make phone calls or even visits to you or someone else in your family? If this type of regular communication comes to a halt or reduces significantly, you may have a right to be suspicious. This is particularly worrisome if your parent is meeting with someone you think is taking the role of a manipulator at the same time. If this is happening, try to meet with your parent one-on-one to assess the situation.

2. Seeing different professionals 

Your parent may have long-term relationships with certain legal and financial professionals, such as the following:

  • Financial advisors
  • Attorneys
  • Realtors
  • Stockbrokers

If he or she is suddenly changing these people, you should inquire about this decision. Someone may be manipulating him or her to go to different people to cover up shady actions.

3. Someone suddenly moving in

If something suddenly changes at the residence of your parent, something strange may be taking place. For example, if a sibling or new love interest suddenly moves in without any prior notice, this could be a sign that your parent is becoming a victim of undue influence.

Make sure you increase your communication with your parent if you notice any of these things occurring.