Common reasons for a will contest

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Inheritances |

Many families in Minnesota have created a will to transfer their assets to their children upon their death. A will is a wonderful way to ensure a person’s assets are distributed in the way in which they intend. Usually a will passes through probate without any issues, but occasionally a will contest occurs with an inheritance.

There are several reasons why a will contest may occur. One reason why there is a will contest is if the will itself cannot be located. Another major reason is that an heir does not receive what they expected. They may have been disinherited or they may not have received as much as they thought they were going to. Or a person may challenge a will because they don’t think the person who created it had the mental capacity. Another reason for a challenge is if someone believes there was undue influence from someone who received benefits from the will at the exclusion of other heirs.

When an heir believes that a will was created with problems they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in probate litigation. An attorney is skilled in the complexities that surround probate questions. These are often disagreements among family members and can be personal and emotional. An attorney can help a family work through their differences using mediation techniques. They understand how important it is to make sure these issues are worked out with as little damage to the family as possible.

When a person creates a will to transfer their assets they assume everything will go as planned after they die. Most of the time this is the case but occasionally a will dispute occurs that needs guidance from a legal professional.