Is there a trust dispute in your family?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Trust Administration |

No matter how well planned a Minnesota resident’s estate plan is, there can still be disputes among family members. There are many Minnesota residents who have created a trust. But, there are times when these trusts result in a dispute.

A trust dispute is different from a probate dispute as it usually doesn’t involve the courts. Although probate disputes and trust disputes involve questions of inheritances, perhaps undue influence, and other similar grounds for a challenge, probate disputes involve the court. Trust litigation can be complicated and those who are looking to dispute the provisions of a trust may want to speak with a legal professional.

Our attorneys have the skills necessary to help our clients with a trust dispute. We understand how emotionally complex these disagreements can be. We advise and advocate on our client’s behalf using mediation, arbitration and informal discussions. We understand that beneficiaries do not always receive the information they need and they may not know how to ask for the information they want. There are also sometimes situations where there are questions about whether the settlor had capacity to execute the trust, whether the document was signed properly, or if there may have been undue influence. We can also help with disputes among beneficiary classes including families with second marriages, children involved in a family business, children from multiple marriages, and other complex situations.

Our law firm specializes in helping clients with their unique estate disputes cases. We understand that families often get in disagreements over an estate and we know how to help work through the disagreements before they hurt a family’s relationship.