Family conflict biggest threat to estate

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Inheritances |

Many Minnesota families understand the emotional trauma of a family conflict over a loved one’s estate. No matter how well someone plans their estate, they cannot plan for an unexpected family squabble over it. An inheritance dispute can happen to any family and in these circumstances, hiring an attorney may be a good idea.

Estate planning professionals agree that one of the biggest threats to estate planning is family conflict. There are many situations in which family conflicts can occur in these times. There is an increase in divorce, blended families, children from multiple partners and situations in which one spouse is decades younger than the other. According to Ameriprise Financial, there are three factors that lead to inheritance issues. One is that heirs may have realistic expectations as to what they are going to receive in their inheritance. An heir may think they are going to receive much more than they really do which can lead to an estate dispute. Another factor that may arise with an estate is that there is lack of communication among heirs. Heirs report that they didn’t know what they were going to receive which leads to confusion. The third factor that can arise is family drama surrounding the estate.

Heirs who are squabbling over an inheritance is a common situation for many Minnesota families. A legal professional who specializes in probate disputes can help a family work through their disagreements. An attorney understands how emotionally trying these situations are and how they can best help a family repair their relationships and settle the probate dispute.

There are many reasons why an estate runs into probate issues. Any family can have these situations appear and an attorney can help a family work out their differences.