Stan Lee’s estate may become a battlefield

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | Probate Litigation |

Stan Lee, the legendary Marvel comics creator, died recently, leaving behind a large estate. Minnesota residents who have lost a loved one, know how difficult settling an estate can be. Many times, families wind up in disagreements over how to distribute the estate, pay creditors, etc. Stan Lee’s estate looks like it may be headed for a heated battle among his heirs.

Stan Lee, who died recently, left behind an estate that is worth $50 to $80 million. Mr. Lee is survived by one daughter and a brother. Mr. Lee signed a declaration in February 2018 saying that his daughter overspent using his money throughout her life. He said that he and his wife gave her money, but she was always demanding more. His declaration said that they often engaged in arguments over money with some of them being physical. His daughter has been excluded from any fiduciary duty over his estate. It is not yet known who will benefit from his estate and how contentious the distribution will be. But, judging from past arguments over his assets, claims of undue influence, reports of elder abuse and other family disagreements, it will probably be a long process.

When a family member passes away, they usually leave behind an estate plan that helps the family know how the assets should be distributed. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned and family disagreements can occur. When this becomes the case, a person may want to contact an attorney who specializes in probate litigation. An attorney can take a look at the situation and help their client have their opinions heard. An attorney understands that family dynamics are often tricky and it is important to their client that their relationship with their family is not damaged forever. An attorney can use mediation techniques to work through the differences and settle the estate.

There are many cases of people who pass away and leave an estate that is then fought over by family members. In these situations, probate litigation often needs to occur in order for an estate to be settled.