Family member disagreements about administration of a trust

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2018 | Trust Administration |

Even when a Minnesota resident puts in a lot of thought, time and careful planning into their estate plan, something can still go wrong. Family members sometimes do not agree on certain aspects of a trust. There can be sibling rivalries, second marriages, and problems with in-laws that are unexpected and cause a trust dispute.

When there are disagreements surrounding a trust, it can be an emotionally stressful time for a family. There are several reasons why a trust can be disputed. One is that a person alleges that a trustee did not manage the trust properly. Or there can be disagreements among the trustees as to how the trust should be administered. Another common dispute is between beneficiaries and what they are receiving from the trust. Or a person may challenge whether the person who created the trust was competent at the time or if there was undue influence in creating the trust. Beneficiaries may also want enforcement of a trustee responsibility, including accounting of the trust.

Regardless of the reason, trust disputes can happen to any family. Our law firm advises clients on their options for trust litigation. We work to resolve a dispute using informal discussions and mediation, but will also aggressively represent our clients in court. We have decades of experience with probate litigation issues and use that experience to advise our clients on their best options.

A trust dispute can be an emotional situation for everyone involved. Our attorneys help their clients analyze the situation and move forward with a solution.