Reducing the stress of probate litigation

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2014 | Inheritances |

Last week’s post about the Anna Nicole Smith case described what may well be the worst case scenario for a family or organization embroiled in a dispute over a will or over the property from an estate. In the case of Anna Nicole Smith, her relatives and executors have been left with a high legal bill but with nothing to show for it. For those who cared about her situation, it may seem that her litigation against her husband’s estate was for naught.

Of course, no one in Minnesota who has the misfortune of being in a situation where probate litigation is a possibility would want that sort of result. While this law firm of course cannot guarantee that a person will get everything he or she wants out of a probate court proceeding, this firm does have considerable experience in handling all types of probate matters for many different kinds of clients.

With our experience, we are better able to evaluate a case efficiently and thoroughly. This means that we can investigate the facts and the legal grounds for a claim and determine whether or not litigation is likely to be successful. However understandable from an emotional or moral perspective, some probate claims are simply on shaky legal ground. When that is the case, our firm will steer clients toward other options that don’t involve legal action.

No one who engages in probate litigation wants to be told after the fact that their case was no good. Moreover, no one wants to “win” a proceeding only to see most of their earnings go to costs and expenses. Our firm will work to file only cases that have a reasonable chance of success. When we do file, we will work to resolve these cases with as little financial and emotional stress as possible.