We can help protect seniors from financial abuse

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2014 | Probate Litigation |

Several of our recent posts discussed how our Minnesota readers can be on the watch for and prevent unscrupulous people from taking advantage of their elderly loved ones. These people often prey on the elderly and can take a huge portion of their estates, leaving little or nothing to the person’s loved ones.

While it might seem from previous reports that probate litigation is only a tool of the rich to help them get a larger share of a multi-million dollar estate, probate litigation is also sometimes the only way in which a common Minnesota family can protect themselves and their loved ones from elder abuse.

Law enforcement and regulatory officials in Minnesota do not have the time or resources to resolve every allegation of a financial scam, so sometimes relatives themselves must do so through a private probate action, often after a love one’s death.

For example, if a relative or so-called “friend” who was close to an elderly person, the family may be able to file a lawsuit alleging undue influence if the friend or relative improperly induced the elderly person to make generous gifts or change his or her will in the friend or relative’s favor. A word of caution is in order in that simply caring for a person and being around him or her often is not in an of itself grounds for a will contest. Usually, other proof of additional unsavory conduct is required.

The law office of Rodney J Mason, Ltd. can help protect a senior or the senior’s rightful and lawful heirs from being victimized by elderly abuse. With our experience and knowledge in the area of probate litigation, we can help people evaluate their options when they suspect that their family has been victimized and can, if necessary, file the necessary lawsuit in order to seek just compensation. For more information, please visit our Probate Dispute page.