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On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2016 | Probate Litigation |

As last week’s post discussed, being a personal representative in Minnesota carries with it a lot of responsibility and exposes the personal representative to a lot of potential pitfalls. Many of the probate mistakes discussed last week are not uncommon, nor are they entirely beyond the pale of reasonableness. Many personal representatives who are only acting in good faith can easily make a bad investment decision, or, in an effort to be nice or even responsible, inadvertently mishandle estate property.

Of course, family members who are already disgruntled about the way an estate is being handled may not be terribly forgiving of a personal representative who makes even an honest mistake that has little impact on the estate. In such a case, the personal representative may find himself or herself having to defend against being removed from his or her duties or even held personally liable to pay back the estate.

In such situations, our law office can help personal representatives understand both their own rights and the interests of the estate that they represent. Although we understand that probate litigation can be a very painful process and try to prevent it if we can, we also have track record of representing our clients vigorously and successfully in court.

When a Minnesota personal representative makes a mistake, he or she may need legal representation. Our law offices can provide effective and efficient representation for personal representatives who find themselves in need of help during what is understandably a very difficult time. Feel free to check out our website on probate litigation for further information on this topic.