How we can help your family in a trust dispute

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Trust Administration |

Families who have trusts in Minnesota understand the value that the trusts provide their family with the management of assets. Most of the time these trusts are set up in a way where everyone is on the same page and there are minimal disagreements. But, occasionally a trust dispute can arise where a family may be at odds with each other.

A trust dispute can occur in even the most well-planned situations. These disputes can occur when someone feels like something is not fair or when trust mismanagement is suspected. A trustee has the right to make investment decisions for the trust but these need to be responsible decisions. There can be a lot at stake in a trust, and mismanagement can mean that beneficiaries do not receive what they are entitled to.

Our law firm represents clients who have trust disputes. Their trust may have been mismanaged or not in agreement with Minnesota’s prudent investor rule. In a trust dispute, there can be many complex emotions among family members and many unanswered questions. Our law firm has experience in helping our clients work through their differences with informal discussions, mediation, arbitration, and representing them in court. We walk our clients through the process of trust disputes and make sure their voice is being heard. A trust dispute is often complicated and we can help our clients navigate the nuances that are involved in their disagreement.

A trust dispute can be a stressful situation in a family. We help our clients take a step back and analyze the situation more objectively. Our law firm specializes in these issues and making sure that the trust dispute is fully investigated and managed.