Why do inheritance disputes occur?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Inheritances |

No matter how well a Minnesotan may plan, an inheritance dispute can occur to just about anyone. Even the best laid out plan can fail. These disputes are emotional and can result in families broken apart forever.

Even if there is very little money involved in an inheritance, someone may feel like there is a problem with the inheritance process. One common dispute is when someone feels like they should not have been left out of a will. This can happen if an estate plan was not kept current or if there were family circumstances that had changed. These may include births, divorces, marriages, deaths, etc. The dispute can also be the result of poor communication among family members. Another cause of an inheritance dispute is when one inheritance recipient believes they did not receive their fair share. One person may feel like they did not receive what they were entitled to receive after helping more with a parent at the end of their life. A child may have received a significant loan from a parent that had not been re-payed. In these situations an individual may feel like they are not being treated fairly, fueling a disagreement.

An inheritance dispute is a complicated and emotional situation. Having legal guidance during this time of disagreements can be helpful. A legal professional who is skilled in probate litigation can help a family with their inheritance disputes. An attorney understands how touchy these situations can be and what’s at stake. They will work hard to resolve these disagreements using mediation and other appropriate means.