If there is a trust dispute, it’s time to look at resolving it

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You have a trust that you believe should go to you. You have a sibling who doesn’t believe you deserve everything that the trust contains. This conflict has been going on for weeks, and it’s souring your feelings about your inheritance.

Disputes about inheritances are common. It’s not unusual for someone to be upset that they weren’t included in a trust or that they weren’t willed everything that they thought they’d receive. They may claim that you took part in underhanded means to get what you want, such as by influencing your parent to leave you more or manipulating the will when your loved one lacked the capacity to make decisions.

It’s hurtful to deal with situations like this, but it’s good for you to know that you can handle it. Your attorney can help you with this trust dispute, so that the entire situation can be resolved and you can go back to your life without unresolved conflicts.

Trusts: Why would there be a conflict?

Trusts usually don’t require court oversight, and they are set up by the person who passed away. The decedent set the rules of the trust.

There may be times when trusts come into question, though. For example, your sibling might believe that your parent was influenced to add a greater number of assets to your trust or that they were manipulated into reducing the size of another trust on your behalf. They may intend to contest the trust in court as well.

Your sibling might be asking if your parent actually had the capacity to create the trust if it was created recently. They may argue that they didn’t have the capacity to do so. If they were to win that argument, then the trust may be eliminated and the assets distributed in a different manner than what your parent intended.

Trusts are generally straightforward, but disputes can be complex. If you’re concerned about a dispute over a trust that is supposed to be yours, then it’s worth talking to your attorney about it. If this is a case where a lawsuit could be filed, you may also be interested in learning more about mediating the conflict.